Project #3

Design I  
Daycare Center  
WBDG: Child Development Centers
[PDF] Child Care Center Design Guide
Option: Design I students may chose to work on the Design-II program below, but only with permission.

Design II

Community Aquatic Center
Competition Program Brief (PDF)  
This program was taken from a open student competition by the American Institute of Steel Construction: Required program is Category-I. The purpose of using this competition as a program is to encourage students to participate or experience participation to such events. Registration/entry is not required, nor may not be allowed. Currently IDC is not a member of ACSA therefore above program is used solely for educational purposes. All materials linked from this site are open to public. IDC will not publish any materials on the web if such publication is deemed to obstruct results of the actual competition.  
Note: Presentation requirements for the class may differ from the competition.For Project #3, conceptional aspects of the project are emphasized, including the use of structural steel.