Project #3

Students' Work


Field Trip December 21 @MET
Visit Metropolitan Museum of Art and check out:
Santiago Calatrava: Sculpture into Architecture
October 18, 2005–March 5, 2006
The Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman Gallery, Lila Acheson Wallace Wing, Modern Art, 1st floor{4793218B-1806-4EA5-AA76-1998B13CF2D1}
This field trip may count as make up for the classes some of you missed. This is a good exhibition to everyone, not to even mention about the main museum. Spend your weekend at MET, take your family and enjoy.

Project #2  
Disaster Relief Housing

Presentation: November 16th
Guys, if you did not complete or want to improve your design/presentation, you have one more week to finish. Bring in your final product the next class.

Project #1 Students' Work


Name your favorite architecture, architect or building, and tell me why. Bring in photos, drawings, magazines, books, anything to back up your ideas and ideals.

Not a homework but interesting