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Nipponzan Myohoji Temple
New England Peace Pagoda, Leverett, Massachusetts
New England Peace Pagoda
Be a volunteer for the temple construction!

Design and construction of a Japanese Buddhist Temple at New England Peace Pagoda's site, the religious center for Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Order in North America. Inspired by fifth century Indian Buddhist architecture, religious as well as functional needs of the order are incorporated into the planning and building form.

The 10,000 SF three-story monastery contains the main hall and living quarters for the monks and nuns of the order as well as for visitors on retreat. The main hall takes the form of an apsidal basilica, and the end apse houses an altar called Gohonzon, which is master planned with the existing Pagoda in accordance with the religious principles. The horseshoe windows at the portico allow the natural illumination of the nave during the daybreak praying and chanting. The Semi-circular entry plaza is to act as occasional theatrical stage settings. The reinforced concrete building is partially heated by the solar panels, located along the southern façade sized to obtain maximum heat gain with the natural contour of the site.

It is important that ecological as well as religious harmony be sustained on this site. Locality of the project such as the building code, accessibility and other environmental factors are equally important as well. It is also important to note that this building is mostly constructed by the volunteer laborers of different races, nationalities and faiths from all over the world.

  2005 Construction  

LIRR Stations

The railroad station design encompasses a number of diverse elements – station building, commuter parking, and passenger access to platforms and platform safety planning - to mention a few. The design solution was achieved by incorporating traditional elements with contemporary detailing while accommodating community needs for increased usage, commercial/vendor space, ADA compliance and maintaining sense of history within a contemporary context.

Merrick Station      
Hicksville Station      
Baldwin Station   Freeport Station  

Harajuku Retail/Office Building
Tokyo, Japan

Schematic design of a 50,000 SF office / retail building in downtown Tokyo, for "A" Corporation of Tokyo, Japan. Retail spaces take the top and bottom floors of the building and offices occupy mid-section of the reinforced concrete 12-story tower. Top three floors have open Gallery with a triangular skylight on space-frame at the roof. A slightly curved curtain-wall system softens the exterior environment of this densely built neighborhood. Maximum Floor Space within the Zoning Setback was achieved by concentrating the core functions to the pointing North corner. Mechanically operated parking spaces are located in the basement floors.

Proposed Scheme

CITY BLOCK Orange County Housing
New York, NY Orange, CA
    Design Build 100-unit housing development

Cristobal Rojas School of Visual Arts
Caracas, Venezuela

Design, production and project administration of a 250,000 SF new National Visual Arts School Building in Caracas, Venezuela for the Ministry of Urban Development, by Hernandez/Tenreiro/Urbina/Shishido Arquitectos. The program requirement included studios, classrooms and lecture rooms for the fine arts and applied arts, administrative offices, a cafeteria, living accommodations for visiting artists and a 500-seats auditorium. Larger studios such as painting, sculpture and metalwork are placed in open multi-story settings, while balcony levels are used for smaller studios such as pottery, drawings and graphic arts as well as for offices and individual workshops. The reinforced concrete two-way waffle slab system with 1.8-meter module permitted much flexibility to the space planning. This both horizontal and vertical open planning allowed the natural ventilation throughout the building except where mechanical air-condition is required such as the administrative offices and living quarters. Horizontally installed precast concrete panels shade studio spaces giving indirect natural light and ventilation.


Shopping Malls Building Renovation
  East Orange, NJ


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