Architectural Design I

Design Project #2:  URBAN HEALTH CENTER

A group of doctors from the nearby medical center hospital are proposing to establish a clinic to serve an old urban neighborhood.  The new building will accommodate clinical, counseling, and community outreach facilities. 

 Common Building Facilities

 1.       Entrance Vestibule                                                                 150 sq. ft.

This is the main entry and it connects to the Lobby/Waiting Area                                        

2.   Lobby / Waiting Area                                                                   1500 sq. ft.

3.   Public Toilet Rooms                                                                      450 sq. ft.

      Two at 225 sq. ft. each

4.   Staff Toilet Rooms                                                                        110 sq. ft.

      Two at 55 sq. ft. each


Clinic Areas

 5.      Nurse/Receptionist Area                                                                         300 sq. ft.

This area has visual control over the Lobby/Waiting Area and controls access to the Clinic Areas.

The space is occupied by two Nurses, a Receptionist, an Appointments Secretary, and a Cashier.

 6.   Medical Records                                                                                       300 sq. ft.

 7.   Laboratory                                                                                                 180 sq. ft.

 8.   Specimen Toilet Room                                                                                65 sq. ft.

9.       Exam Rooms                                                                                           600 sq. ft.

Six (6) at 100 sq. ft.         each

 10.   Doctorís Offices / Consultation Rooms                                                      240 sq. ft.

Two (2) at 120 sq. ft. each


Counseling Area

 11.   Counseling Offices                                                                         400 sq. ft. Four (4) at 100 sq. ft. each      

 12.  Meeting Room                                                                                          1200 sq. ft

Two egress doors required for this room.

 13.  Staff Lunch Room                                                                                      250 sq. ft.


Building Services

14. Storage Room (s)                                                                                         200 sq. ft.

15.   Electrical Equipment Room                                                                      100 sq. ft.  

16.  Mechanical Equipment Room                                                                   400 sq. ft

      This room will house the air handling equipment for all floors.  All ducts originate from this room.

17.  Janitorís Room                                                                                           100 sq. ft./Floor