COURSE CODE: 04/05                                                                                     

COURSE NAME: Architectural Design I&II

INSTRUCTOR:     Shigehiro Shishido


Design Project: Cultural Center


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See full size image NAIA Circle of Life Center plan




A Community Association in a residential district in Brooklyn has been donated an abandoned parcel of land from the city.  It has decided to build a small park with a Cultural Center in the memory of a community leader who was from this neighbor. 


The community is in a quiet residential area of mixed income, race and religion.  It wishes to create a park as a casual gathering place and a occasional place for community events.  A Cultural Center as a symbolic element of the community Pride and Unity, will became a center for Art, Music and cultural exchange for the city.




In this exercise, a Sculptural and Monumental aspects of Architecture are emphasized.  Three dimensional approach to architectural design is examined and developed.  Site Planning and Building Orientation are also examined. 


Program Requirements


Design a Community Center.  Location on the site to be determined by the Designer.  The Main Hall to have seating capacity of 400 people. All public spaces and to be Handicap Accessible.  The Structural System and Building Materials are at the discretion of the Designer.


§         Multi-purpose Main Hall excluding Circulation: 6000 SF,

§         Storage for the Main Hall: 600 SF,

§         Multi-purpose Room excluding Circulation: 2500 SF,

§         Storage for the Multi-purpose Room : 250 SF,

§         Gallery: 2000 SF, (can be combined with Entrance Lobby)

§         Storage for Gallery : 500 SF,

§         Office for a chairperson: 200 SF,

§         General office: 500 SF,

§         (2) Clerical Offices: 150 SF each,

§         General storage: 300 SF,

§         Library: 500 SF,

§         Kitchen with Dining Area: 500 SF,

§         Two (2)  Private Toilets, 100 SF each, Two (2) Public Toilets: 200 SF each,

§         Janitor’s Closet: 20 SF (Each Floor, if multiple levels)

§         Mech. Room: 300 SF,

§         Electrical Closet: 100 SF,

§         Vestibule: 150 SF or as required.

§         Service entrance with loading area as required

§         Entrance Lobby and Circulation as required.


The park to have one Drinking Fountain.  Seating, Playgrounds, Plantings, etc. are at the discretion of the Designer.  There are no existing Trees on Site. No on site parking required. (except for service and employee's.)



Presentation Requirements


(1) Site / Floor Plan, (4) Elevations and (2) Sections, Building Model and/or 3D Modeling all at 1/8” =1’-0”